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The Reality Manifesto - An Anti-Exploitation Guide for Social Media, Mental Health and Body image

'The Reality Manifesto: an anti-exploitation manual for social media, mental health & body image' by Leanne Maskell (Illustrated by me!) is launching May 8th, to try and help people on a mass scale, to give hope, understanding, and empowerment.

This book tackles issues such as social media, eating disorders, mental health and the everyday exploitation we face in a digital world.

"These things are happening because our attention is up for sale, and our human vulnerabilities are being exploited by the world's top experts and most advanced technologies. " Leanne Maskell

As someone who has struggled hugely with Anorexia for most of my life I was honoured to be asked to work on a book as impactful as this.

You can see my Illustrations here:

(click to zoom in)

The Government must take accountability for this and regulate to stop the root cause of these issues, which is why Leanne has also created a petition to coinside with the books publication.

You can sign the petition here:

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